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D'Marnah Rivival Project


D'Marnah is a group of musicians formed by ARMD (French assembly for D'ni music restoration) to play the Music Restored . ARMD build and design few instruments from D'ni Lore under direction of Kahlia & Turjan

INSTRUMENTS (on Restoration Playlist)

Ahnomeprad (Harpe Crystal bowed) (1-2-3-4-5-6-7)

Maral-Obe (D'Ni Oboe) (3)

Harpe (7)

Early D'ni Fiddle (6)

"Dohl" Drums (6)

(on re-vival Playlist)

Keyboard, Ahnomeprad, Maral-Obe/DuDuk

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Restorations Project

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