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Articles And Publications


Articles & Publications


Music Reconstitutions & Archeo-Musicology

"D'Marnah" music ensemble dedicated to the D'ni Music

DMR Bevin's blog

About d'ni Music in the D.R.C. documents

-the DRC notebook of King Solath .and the Opera House of Karim disctrict.

-The DRC Notebook of King Naygen and the Musician Airem.

-The drc Note of King Kedri and the renovation of the Opera House

. From Explorer Eleri (from UrUobsession forum)

Explorer Jazz has some tidbits of D’ni history from ResEng Nick White that she shared Thu Mar 15, 2007:

Hadev, who lived from 5644-5894, was one of the great musicians of D’ni, with a focus on folk music. One of the famous singers of his work was names Suah, who lived from 5700-5993

ARMD and DMR Publications

"Technical precisions on Ahnomeprad construction"

"Précis technique sur la facture de l'ahnomeprad"

by Turjan . Eng. or Fr version .

Pdf or html (not avaible yet )

"The different Ways of D'ni Musical Notation"

"les diffrrentes Notation Musicales dans la Musque D'ni "

by Turjan eng or fr version

Pdf or html (not avaible yet)

Translation of the "Rehkorok Shokootahvtee te Aylahnok Pehyeeshayan".

traduction de l'ouvrage "Rehkorok Shokootahvtee te Aylahnok Pehyeeshayan.

(Book on the d'ni Music theory by the D'ni Aylahn )

(Work in progress).

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