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"D'Marnah" music ensemble dedicated to the D'ni Music

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Ancient d'ni Music

This song and sounds-less panorama came about because no notated music has been preserved from the period of splendor of D'ni. At most, several notated fragment from the last days of D'ni allow a glance into a comparatively concrete musical world of which it is however not know whether it in any way reflect that of a learned or populare music.

Entirely in contrast to the missing testimony of sounding music, a few relics like the Kahnehn (Canen) (not always undamaged...) has however come down to us. Hitherto, one has believed insights into the musicological practice could be derived from these documents. Yet, because additional aids were lacking, an insurmontable and frustrating chasm remained, which separated us from the sound, the tones, indeed, from the whole music of the ancient D'ni.

D'ni Music Restoration

The instruments reconstructed by Turjan and the french ARMD, constitute our Basis for the recorded music. they are the fruits of a many months intensive collaboration between an instrument maker and a musician schooled in musical archeology. They emerged from an unprejudiced study of all possible primary sources. This included the examination and intensive discussion. The instruments were made with painstaking care, meticulous craftsmanship, patience, and... fruitful doubts. The instruments, like all those in use today, had to follow an inner logic that compellingly determined their design and set-up. The results can be verified by comparison with instruments from still living at surface, sometimes millenium-old musical traditions.

For example the Armenian wind instrument Duduk, which provided us with impulses in many aspects for the reconstruction of Maral-Obe.

In this way, we hope to have excluded coincidence and arbitartiriness in the new creation of the d'ni music. To preclude any misunderstandings : The resulting music is newly imagined, yet its element are oriented as closely as possible on the historical circumstances.

Alan Petrie SMITH

D'ni Musicological Research's Bevin Founder

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